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Do you have a unique specialty application that requires an out of box lubricant solution? We can help develop lubricants to meet needs of your equipment. We have a deep industry knowledge and expertise to create virtually any type of lubricant. Whether it is a specialized piece of machinery or a rare product specification, we work with your engineering teams to create an optimal specialty lubricant. We also provide product trials and laboratory testing to ensure these new fluids will meet the needs of your specific equipment.

We are a manufacturer & an industrial marketing company with a portfolio of Industrial lubricant specialties, maintenance products and corrosion protection products.

Exceeding your expectations, our products are designed to perform in the most extreme conditions. These also demonstrate a broad applicability, replacing many purpose-formulated conventional oils and greases throughout the industry.

Take a moment to view our product-line. We keep innovating and continue to bring to you the most modern products and extended range.

your lubricant partner


We are your partners in lubricant & lubricant management. We will recommend and provide you with the finest lubricants available for your application, keep you informed on proper practices, and help you utilize the most up-to-date technology in the industry.

We have product offerings to nearly every type of industry like engineering, steel, power, food or pharmaceuticals etc.

Connect with us for more information on our specialty lubricant capabilities. We would love to learn more about the challenges you are facing and share how we may help.