November, 24, 2009


Designation Product Description Details Product Data Sheet
IT-3103 Multi-purpose Li-Complex Grease
A high performance mineral oil based extreme pressure multi-use grease for lubrication of the ball and rolling bearings, machine components lubricated with central lubrication system, enclosed gearboxes etc. Using select additives which impart exceptional load carryinhg abilities, the grease is formulated to resist high & shock loads.
IT-3105 Li-Complex Moly Grease
High quality multipurpose lithium soap EP grease containing solid lubricants, MoS2 and other highly efficient extreme pressure additives, the grease is designed for long-term lubrication. It is well suited for plain and anti-friction bearings as well as other grease-lubricated machine elements. The additive used in the grease provides good corrosion protection and water wash out properties. Under load, and when boundary lubricating conditions prevail, film containing MoS2 is deposited from the grease to the sliding surfaces making available emergency lubrication. Antiwear additives prevent metal-to-metal contact at high loads reducing the coefficient of friction and minimizing wear.
IT-4107 Silicon Valve & Packing Grease
Silicone valve & packing grease formulated with high quality silicone oils and thickeners. It is adherent and provides excellent sealing properties. The grease is designed for use in valves in hot and cold water lines, for valves in the chemical industry for lubrication of the pneumatic cylinders & as a lubricant for plastic and rubber components.
IT-4108 High Vacuum Silicone Grease
Extremely adherent & resistant to chemicals, the lubricant is designed for vacuum applications & for lubrication of ground connections parts of industrial vacuum plants, laboratory equipments, shut-off valves and taps etc. The lubricant provides excellent sealing properties.
IT-4109 Low Temperature Silicone Grease
A premium quality lubricant to be used under a wide range of temperature conditions for light-load applications where there is metal-to-metal or metal-to-plastic friction at low to high speeds and at low temperatures. The grease is designed for use on valves operating at very low temperatures, in roller and conveyer equipment, control cables, Bowden cables, electric motors, photographic equipment, optical equipment, measurement equipment etc
IT-4303 High Speed Grease for Textile Applications
Synthetic, high speed grease designed for the roller bearings operating at high speeds. It is suitable for both horizontally and vertically mounted bearings. The lubricant is suitable for bearings with fine clearances and high speeds, running at low and high temperatures. It offers good wear protection through PTFE.
IT-4304 Electrically Conductiing Grease
Synthetic base grease with low inner friction for the lubrication of electrical contacts. Typical application include its use as a lubricating and conducting media in the seam welding machines. The grease is also ideal for use of the heavily loaded plain bearings with metal-to-plastic or metal-to-elastomeric-contact. It protects from corrosion and reduces friction and wear on mechanisms operating under normal to higher load and /or speed.
IT-4305 White High Performance multipurpose Grease
Mineral oil based extreme pressure multi-use grease for lubrication of the ball and roller bearings, hinges etc. Using select additives which impart exceptional load carrying abilities, the grease is formulated to resist high shock loads and has high lubricating properties which results in extended cycling times and cost reduction.
IT-4315 High Speed, Low Temperature Electrical Contact Grease
High speed, low temperature grease made from synthetic oils with low dynamic viscosity and high stability at high shear speeds. It has a wide temperature rrange and protects against water. This grease contains anti-oxidant and anti-wear additives, together with corrosion inhibitors. Properties of IT-4315 make it a high-performance, long-lasting grease for lubrication of ball, roller or smooth bearings exposed to low temperatures or very high speeds, while presenting low torque resistance (electric motors, machine tool spindles, gearboxes, mechanical elements for aeronautical, space or precision applications)
IT-4306 High Temperature Synthetic Bearing Grease
An outstanding heat stable, long life, synthetic non-melting greases. The grease is superior for high temperature applications such as: conveyors - ovens - electric motors - appliances - high temperature processing equipment etc.
IT-4308 Grease for Polymer Applications
Based on PAO & a lithium soap thickened lubricant containing solid lubricants, the grease is designed for use on plastic, plastic-metal components. It offers a wide service temperature range & has low friction co-efficient and a low noise performance. Typical applications include its use on the pneumatic cylinder seals, as lubricant for for automotive switches etc.
IT-4312 High Temperature Grease for Textile Blower Fans etc.
High temperature grease designed for use as a lubricant for the high temperature conveyor trolley bearings exposed to high temperature and heavy loads. Other applications include calendar rolls bearings, induced draft fans or drier bearings etc. The grease is resistant to heat, has a good mechanical & oxidation stability and maintains its structure even long & continuous exposures to high temperatures.
IT-4312 High Temperature Grease for Textile Blower Fans etc.
A high temperature anti-wear grease is primarily designed for long-term lubrication of the bearings exposed to high temperature and load. The grease combines the unique features of synthetic base fluids with those of an organo-clay, non-soap thickener and molybdenum disulphide. Synthetic ester base oil provides an excellent resistance to thermal/oxidative degradation and this coupled with the excellent high temperature structural stability and high dropping point of the clay thickener
IT-4316 High Temperature Li-Complex Moly Grease
Lubricant designed for use on bearings and sliding parts exposed to high temperature and heavy loads at moderate speeds. For lubrication of all kinds of rolling and plain bearings working under heavy loads. For example: tar mixing plants, foundry ladles, hot air ventilators, shaking screens, sintering plants etc.