Industrial Lubricant Coatings

Product Description
Product Data Sheet
IT - 2504
Dry Bonded Lubricant Coating
IT-2504 is heat cured solid lubricant bonded coating containing molybdenum disulfide, PTFE, and corrosion inhibiting additives.
Dry Lubricant Moly Bonded Coating
IT-2585 is dry lubricating bonded coating designed for lubrication of the sliding surfaces operating in dirty/dusty atmospheres. As a lubricant for highly stressed joints with slow sliding speeds and/or oscillating movements. It is used successfully for the lubrication of coarse chains and guide ways operating under high loads and exposed to high temperatures. Also used as a lubricant for highly stressed joints replica watches uk with slow sliding speeds and/or oscillating movements.
Dry Lubricant Graphite Bonded Coating
IT-2586 is designed to provide a high temperature dry lubricant coating esp. as a lubricant for heavily loaded chains in temperature ranges in which oil or grease lubrication is not possible. Some applications are for lubrication of high temperature chain drives in annealing, baking ovens for aluminum tube manufacturing, wire ropes & conveyor chain drives exposed to high temperatures, painting systems etc. The product can be sprayed onto hot surfaces. Dries at room temperature. Can be mixed with water in ratio of up to 1:5.